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Leftover Easter Chocolate Inspiration

Finding yourself with a pantry full of leftover Easter choccies you’re already sick of? Need something different to curb that Easter chocolate overload? Betty’s got some scrumptious chocolate recipes you can bake for any occasion! Choose from Betty Crocker’s™ range of choc cakebrownie and cupcake mixes! If you’re not much of a cake person, we’ve got you covered with our cookie mixes 🙂

Here are our top tips on adding chocolate to your recipes:

1. Use as a cake-topper

Try topping one of our cakes or brownies with a hollow chocolate egg. It looks great and works with any chocolate type!

2. Shaved chocolate over frosting

Simply take a grater and shave leftover solid Easter chocolates generously over frosting – yum!

3. Chocolate chunks

Use up leftover chocolates to add an extra chocolate-y decadence to our Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix.


For cakes, cookies and more, check out these Betty Crocker™ products. Happy baking!

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