Betty's 100 Years Story

For nearly 100 years, Betty Crocker has brought cakes, desserts, kitchen advise and cookbooks into our homes. We take a look back on our story, a story we are proud to tell!
Betty's Birthday story
History photo: Far from home
Families moved to big cities looking for work. Women were far from their mothers and had no-one to teach them skills such as cooking an baking.
History photo: Gold Medal Flour
Following a response to a Gold Medal Flour promotion Betty Crocker was created to give a personal response to an overwhelming number of letters from women requesting cooking advice.
History photo: Homemakers Creed
Betty helped women with rationing by creating meatless recipes and cakes that did not relay on lard. She was also the star of “Starve the Garbage Can” campaign, providing helpful tips on how to conserve food and eliminate waste.
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book
Due to changes in Kitchen technology and the introduction of new appliances, there was a need for new recipes. In response Betty’s First Cookbook was published, now affectionately known as “Big Red”. It was the first cookbook to have “how to” pictures.
Betty Crocker website
Betty Crocker website was one of the first food brand websites to be launched. It has message board, photo gallaries and meal planning tools – a forum of all kinds of people to share ideas and tips.
Iconic Global Brand
In 1920s, Betty received over a million letters a year. Hundred years on, Betty is still contacted by millions of women, only now via email. Globally Betty Crocker has followers on Facebook and Twitter. Fans can use these pages to ask for help and advise with their cooking and baking dilemmas and to display their own creation.
Young Betty
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