How to Ice a Cake Smoothly

Ingredients you can add to your brownies

Ingredients you can add to your brownies

Sometimes, an extra ingredient can make all the difference! Try adding some of these when you make your next batch of brownies.

1. Peppermint extract – can be used in brownie mix or in frosting for minty chocolate brownies.
fudgemint chocolate browniebars hero
2. Clotted cream or vanilla frosting - use as filling in between brownie slice layers – much like layered mini brownie cakes.
devils food ice cream cake card
3. Marshmallows, raisins and nuts – can be used to make rocky road brownies.
cheesecak swirl brownie hero
4. Shredded coconut – can be used as a topping or to add an extra coco-nutty flavour to your brownies.
moist strawberry coconut cake-card
5. Custard – probably not the first that comes to mind when you think of brownies or blondies but definitely works a treat! Pair with cinnamon, strawberries or raisins for the perfect taste of winter.
lemon lime cake hero

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